Monday, October 15, 2007

Keeping it Real

I keep it real

I used to say that a lot in high school. Maybe to some who read my posts, I might as well still be in high school. That's fine, not everyone has to like, agree or even tolerate what I have to say.

But understand this, I do keep it uncategorically real. And what I mean by this is, I do say things rooted in what I believe to be true and logically sound, and I do respect the opinions of others when I truly find merit in them.

I was recently called out for ad hominem attacks rather than engaging the points and arguments. Truth be told, I only do that to those who have first engaged me in such a way.

I won't go into the background, because frankly, anyone who's reading this would already know it. but here are some excerpts from a rant against me on SepiaMutiny:

if a guy actually makes some statements against your usual misogynist frothing, it is because he wants to get in women's pants, and women of course are incapable of contributing effectively to the discussion since you and you alone have had the unique vantage to explore both male and female behaviors

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and dismissing what I say as misogynist, how about actually engaging the point? Because nearly 100% of the time, the evidence to call me "misogynist" is out of an exaggerated or misrepresented interpretation of what I truly said. Instead of actually engaging my points, you do exactly what you accuse me of doing.

Believe it or not, there *are* women who have enough sense to look past the easy "misogynist" conclusion and have actually answered my points and engaged in a dialogue.

and are specially qualified to posit laughable theories that sound like they have been extracted from reading the equivalents of self-help books written by pick-up artists like mystery and the game.

Hah. If you're going to soapbox against someone at least get it right. The *book* is called 'The Game' the author is Neil Strauss. You may find the theories and observations laughable, but I would say you may perhaps live in a privileged reality, where perhaps you don't experience the things the average male might, in a standard male/female interaction.

and if none of these work, adopt the age-old strategy of ad hominem against the commenter. it seems an easy way to just dismiss arguments that don't agree with your contorted world views without actually engaging with the points in them.

As I said before, I never or rarely make any statement against someone without them striking first blood. I challenge you to find an instance.

i am sure your analysis of human interactions that constantly focuses on the follies of whites and women has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you are a male person of color

Yes, and MLK focusing on the follies of whites because he was a person of color too. That's what we as human beings do, we record into our memories much more deeply the events of us as victims rather than not. Does this mean men and people of color are not culpable of anything, in any way? No of course not, it would be silly to state that, which is why I didn't state it.

you seem to confuse being wrong, obnoxious and unpopular with actually being correct and courageous.

I don't care if I'm classified as wrong, obnoxious or any other words, as all of the above or none. Nor do i care about how 'unpopular' I am. As I said before, I'm not constantly wondering if people will classify me as a moderate democrat with conservative tendencies or a blue peacock. I say what I see, hear, read, observe and pontificate on. Feel free to say I'm wrong or obnoxious. but, I keep it real.

"you are either with me or against me",

Dont know where this is coming from (other than your head) There have been many times where i've conceded various points made by others.

but seem to be left without a response when actually shown an instance where you spewed your hate filled spitballs with absolutely no reason. as usual,

I already showed you where you made an unprovoked jab at me. Here's the link again, in case you forgot:

But I don't care that people make snide jabs at me, hell I dish it out, I can take it, I dont care. Here's where you lack a certain consistency, you say here:

that you dont want me to "pull my punches" yet in the super-rant you ascribe it as "hate filled spitballs" for no reason. so make up your mind, I personally thought it was a jab equivalent to the one you levied at me. I didn't say I wished for your sister to come down with a case of ovarian cancer, nor would I ever.

if anything you come off as very whiny by making little jabs at others, then calling them 'hate filled spitballs' when it's done right back to you. That's hypocrisy.

sm intern, you might want to consider why hmf's quoting misogynist lyrics with a sham apology was considered acceptable, but a esponse with similar lyrics was not.

For the record, I had no problem with Tara's lyrics, I thought it was a funny response, as well as indicative of her "alpha/beta male dichotomy" - which she didn't denounce right away, so I can only assume there's truth to it