Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Half Breeds will take over the world

My prediction for 2008. Half Breeds will take over the world. 'Half Breeds' will always have the 'I'm so confused, I'm stuck between two cultures' thing going for them, but (especially for women) their 'exotic' look will be the new kryptonite to white racist hollywood producers in particular.

Here's the logic. They're confusing. People look them and think, "oh is she A or B? I don't know what to think?" Uhh. she's not white, but she's not asian either. So the standard stereotypes won't immediately kick in, but the thought process of "oh ho hum, just another boring fake plastic britney spears white chick" thinking doesn't kick in either.

In confusion, the brain will lose all its logical capacity, and simply emotion will kick in, emotion being, the evolutionary brain sensors (symmetry, youth, etc..)

Watch out for these cats, they're primed to take over the world.