Saturday, July 26, 2008

The shapeless assailant

Now, let's bring it back.

This blog grew out of my voice on SM, the trouble (or humor) it caused, and in general most people's inability to actually confront and engage the point I was making.

At most, there were recharacterizations of the argument, or outlandish comparisons that were made.

And I'm no stranger to posts of the sort : "I've lurked and followed your posts for some time...." which to me is a completely idiotic way to start a dialogue, because it's usually a need to decry me as "self pitying' or "misogynistic" that brings these folks out of the woodwork.

Lately a new front has begun, an attacker that doesn't even have the courage to keep the same name:

here's an example. So I invite you. show yourself, or at least make a halfway decent attempt to disprove anything I've said?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feminist Response to PUA stuff

The feminist response to Neil Strauss's "The Game," is captured as an excerpt from this article:


"Feminists are aghast at the book, pointing out that it fails to describe how to maintain relationships and likening the techniques used to those employed by paedophiles to groom their victims. There is also concern that women are "programmed" to be attracted to certain characteristics in men which predatory males can identify and exploit."

Now let's just step back for a moment. maintaining of relationships is useless information if a guy is completely clueless as to how to get into one. An attractive woman gets many offers, she's developed a system of screening candidates out, PUA knowledge is sort of like the Princeton Review, it's a shortcut to understanding that system.
Let's take another step back. The feminist complains that the PUA philosophy presupposes some kind of generic characteristic set list that women use to screen out candidates, (and by definition a generic list that women use to let certain candidates in)

And furthermore, addresses this as a problem. Yet, females have been identifying and exploiting the male attraction mechanism for as long as history as existed.

Women are the biggest PUAs ever. They just don't call themselves that.

Fashion, lip stick, eye shadow, mascara, nail polish , high heels, push up bras, hell even corsets, skin care treatments, botox, are all designed to create an illusion... a woman is more sexually fit than she *actually* is.
Ladies and gents, women have been exploiting the male attraction mechanism for centuries. Not only that, they are skilled in verbal manipulation and misdirection as well. In fact that's their entire MO!

The pedophile comparison is ludicrous, pedophiles victimize their targets, PUAs never lie, or force anything upon the women, they just use certain internal techniques to be the best they can be.

Now, as far as woman wishing to be treated like human beings. I believe in the 10-80-10 rule. That is, 10% of women out there, are not feminists, nor do they claim to be, they want their men tall, handsome, and rich (and usually white, especially if the race of the woman is Asian, Indian, etc..) They believe it's the man's job to care for, and provide for the woman. PUA techniques don't work on them, because they want a stable provider, and they're willing to take a back seat.
The other 10% are true non-hypocrites, they believe in equality, they believe it's neither the mans "job" nor the woman's "job" to care for the other. They recognize a relationship as 50-50, an agreement, they don't get razzled when Valentine's Day doesn't yield them a a rose. PUA techniques might work on them, but aren't necessary, a man (that believes in 50-50 model for relationships) can be honest about that and not look any less "manly" because in this woman's mind , no definition of "manly" exists. we're all just human looking for the same things, trying to find happiness.

The meat of the bell curve, the 80%, are your hypocrites, those that clamor for equality in certain areas (jobs, housing, etc...) yet completely reject it when it comes to relationships. They wait for men to approach, they wait for men to escalate the relationship, put pressure on men to do all the "work" as it were, yet still harangue about lack of equality. PUA techniques are perfect for this bunch, because demonstrations of high value, social proof, qualification is exactly what this woman is looking for. (as she's unable to envision a truly 50-50 equality based relationship) And the PUA stuff provides just that, a systematic way to deal with this hypocrisy.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Is anyone else reading?

If Manju's the only one reading, that's some sad muthafuckin shit.

So if you're reading speak up.

A great line

"Never try and argue with a woman, because we as men are handicapped. We have that need to make sense"

-Chris Rock.