Saturday, September 13, 2008


What's it mean to be bitter?

Was MLK bitter? Was Gandhi Bitter? No, I don't liken myself to either of these great men, because I'm not brave enough. (who, in our current society are 'hero-ified' as their negative traits are downplayed in the history books) but I ask, if they saw injustices in front of their eyes, and that motivated them to act.. couldn't they be considered bitter?

Isn't it bitterness to say the way things work do not reflect genuine equality? and then act on it?

But, to change societies thinking by such long strides, you need to be willing to sacrifice a lot. A whole lot.

We return like Jesus. where the whole world need us.

The Phoenix has risen from the ashes.

So the folks at SM have decided to let me back on. For what reason I don't know. I still intend on stating my opinion like the rest of the users of that site, I'll even not respond to the repetitive snide jabs coming from these unknown assailants. The SM people have remained true to their commitment to free speech, and in doing so, have kept it real.

And for that I thank them. But the truisms of what I've stated time and time again on that site, and this one, still stand. No one has been able to even come close to disproving my central claim, namely those describing female hypocrisy in dating (as defined in US/western dating paradigms)

So. Get ready for round 2. It seems SM is ready.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Boobies into hibernation.

Boobies into hibernation.
Summer is almost over. and what this means in most cities of the world, is that boobies will go into hibernation. It's no mystery that women will expose these assets of theirs in socially acceptable ways in order to gain various privileges and favors, not to mention, use them to attract men (and then yet still complain all men care about is looks.)

But it's now time for another one of my infamous theories.

Enter the winter boyfriend vs the summer boyfriend. Seasons have been known to effect people's states of mind, I think women become more "boyfriend prone" during the winter, and the guys they choose during the winter have "Beta" characteristics. That is, comforting, nurturing, supportive types. Summer is time for casting caution to the wind, going wild, crazy, trying strange things, and dating the guy your parents would hate the most. So women do either one of two things,

1. Don't date anyone, and just f*ck a lot of guys.
2. Date someone that transmits alpha characteristics : unpredictability, instant likability (good looking), generally uncaring about
others (including the very woman that's dating him for inexplicable reasons)

Again, to reiterate, summer is almost over, which means the boobies are about to go into hibernation, and good guys that actually treat women with respect might have a chance.

Signing off, HMF.