Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sandy Hook

And yes, another school shooting, and the gun nuts are out in full force with their standard responses "Guns don't kill people, people do" Really? they do? you mean the guns don't just jump into people's hands and yank their fingers onto the trigger? What a revelation! I guess all efforts to make sure everyone doesn't have 100 guns flying out of each of their asses are useless, because hey people kill people, not guns, and all we have to do is fix people right! Idiots. What would it take to convince these people? a pre school shot up? how about a maternity ward, bullets riddled through a group of newborns maybe? But thats all well known. Let's talk bout another aspect, hypermasculinity and being humiliated as a cause for this kind of action. If Im being honest, were there kids in high school I wish I could inflict horrible pain on because of being bullied by them? HELL YEA. What are schools doing to curb that? If schools instead of stationing armed guards, had hot girls come and have sex with us geeks at that age, I think a huge part of the problem would be solved. We don't need armed guards, we need big tittied hotties, at every school. If the shooter had gotten some poontang, would he have done what he did? Who knows. maybe, but less likely I think. Here is another great article

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