Saturday, March 20, 2010

The walmart racial statement case

That's right folks. I'm out of the wood work, and better than before. Trying to change the world one person at a time.

My phoenix like resurrection is concerning this little tidbit :

I think people are clearly missing the point when it comes to the walmart case of someone saying "All black people please leave the store."

People look at this and say "Look! See how much the world hasn't changed, there's no progress, there's no racial unity, we still are a divisive society."

And I say that's nonsense. Understand this, whoever did this, whether he's an employee, a customer, a insurgent racist sent from wherever these people congregate and dispatch their minions to disrupt shopping, he's obviously committed to his craft of causing racial turmoil and expressing racist views... HOWEVER, I contend, 10 years ago, he would have had no problem saying

"Attention walmart customers, would all the f*cking n*gg*rs get out of here"

Yet, he filtered himself to say 'black people' - so lets celebrate this! It's progress.


Sepia Mutiny said...

Where you been?

Sepia Mutiny said...

It was a joke. It was probably a black person who made the announcement.

Anonymous said...

yo hmf,

this is nala from way back when at sepia mutiny. you still reading your blog? it's been a while.