Thursday, August 2, 2012

HMF is back BABY

I've decided to come out of hibernation for something very important. I'm going to say something that's on everyone's mind, but no one will actually say out loud. It's been on my mind, and it involves something surrounding the Aurora Dark Knight Rises shooting. But in particular this story: Let me be the first to say, I thought this event was horrible, and if it doesn't make the lawmakers in this country think about changing the gun and ammunition laws to make it harder for nutcases like this to amount arsenals strong enough to take Cleveland in a weekend, then they are the true heartless among us. No, the question I'm asking is: Is female life more precious than male life? Understand, I have NO problem with anyone jumping in front of anyone to save their life, what any of us would do in a situation where we have fractions of seconds to decide is a difficult thing to "project" we will just act without thinking. But - story after story about how these heroic boyfriends jumped in front of their girlfriends to save them, leads me to ask - is this what women subconsciously want from the guys they are with? That if push came to shove, they would put their woman's life above their own? We've all heard stories of "women and children" being saved first on the Titanic, or how about when news reports talk about people being killed in a tragedy and then tack on, "including 15 women and children" I'm asking a serious question here about our society and the media that shoots information directly into our consciousness: Is a male's life worth less than a woman's? And the underlying takeaway, from this incident I get is clear: if you're a male, your life is not as valuable as a woman's. Now, some may say, "Well, women have the capacity to give birth, so their value is clearly higher" Last I checked though, a woman can't generate a baby on her own. Why is one part of the process valued higher ? Wouldn't it be equally heroic if a woman jumped in front of her boyfriend to save his life ? Or, the other question to ask, if a boyfriend didn't instinctively jump on his girlfriend to save her life, risking his own, does that make him instantly a horrible person - if he thought of his own life and safety first ?

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